Best Travel Destinations 2020


Discover our selection of the top travel destinations and the best experiences around the world for the year 2020

You might not even have any plans of traveling in the near future, but sometimes just looking up cities to explore is enough to get you dreaming and relaxing until the next vacation. So by the time holidays roll around, you already know which place you are going to cross off your bucket list this time.

With the beginning 2020, let’s make a list of cities worth exploring ahead of time.

So as a second part of our best travel destinations in 2020 series, here are the top 20 cities to visit in 2020.

1. Kyoto, Japan

For many souls, real Japan lives in Kyoto.

That’s one of the reasons it wins the first place in this 20 best cities to visit in 2020.

Dotted with ancient temples and palaces, Kyoto offers remnants of Japanese history. Tranquil gardens and waterfalls in Kyoto proffer peace away from the busy metropolises.

Enriched with authentic Japanese culture, Kyoto also offers delicious native delicacies, such as the Kaiseki meal which is a multi-course meal made with seasonal ingredients to feast upon. 

Kyoto gives the perfect blend of Japan’s natural beauty and heritage for you to enjoy.

Kyoto Japan Map

2. Lombok, Indonesia

Natural wonders overflow in Lombok.

Situated right on the east of the famous Bali, Lombok is known for its crystal clear blue water bodies.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea diving, surfing, and rock climbing in the middle of the ocean are some of the adventures that await you in Lombok.

Bask in the beauty of Majestic views of green plains and surreal beaches, such as the Pink beach.

In Lombok you can opt for an intimate time in homey villas or enjoy the quintessential touristy experience in hotels.

Lombok is an upcoming travel destination that will be more famous and trendy very soon. Visit it before floods of tourists change the authentic experience you can live now.

Lombok Indonesia Map

3. Petra, Jordan

Undiscovered historical enigmas thrive in Petra.

From captivating, ever-grading sandstone formations to Greek inspired architectural wonders, this ancient city has it all.

Trek up the mighty mountains to take in picturesque views with strong invigorating winds enveloping you from all sides. 

On 3 nights in a week, the city is dazzled with over 1800 candles, creating a spiritual experience for your soul.

These fantastical nights in Petra transport you into a world of fantasy.

Petra Jordan Map

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4. Dubai, UAE

Progressive, innovative, and futuristic: Dubai is leading towards the future at lightning speed and it vows to take you along.

In 2020, the bustling emirate will offer travelers a sky-walk 200m above the ground, a fantasy resort, a Museum of the Future, and an artificial archipelago called The World, that will entice you with its underwater bedrooms and all year-round indoor snow!

Dubai is famous for its massive malls, but the newest CityLand mall is not like the old ones, it is nature inspired, and is designed with gardens and lush greenery.

It now also offers a taste of LA, with its Dubai Walk of Fame, where famous stars have been honored.

With lots of new things to offer, Dubai is the 4th top city destination this year.

Dubai UAE Map

5. Paris, France

Teeming with magic, romance, and delicacies, the city of lights is much more than just the Eiffel Tower.

From structural masterpieces, such as The Louvre, to peaceful gardens and rivers, Paris is the most visited city by travelers. 

Reminders of the French Revolution plague the robust French chateaux in Paris, showcasing the history of France. The artistic flair of talented artists is contained in the museums of the city.

Restaurants are strewn across streets all around the city with historical significance. Treat yourself to the scrumptious pastries and silky cheese in the City of Love. 

And of course, feel the magic of love and romance with the Eiffel Tower on the sunset.

Paris France Map

6. La Paz, Bolivia

The de facto capital city of Bolivia promises an awe-inspiring experience for travelers. The chilly city makes for the ideal tourist destination for winter lovers.

La Paz has some unique traditions that are mind boggling as well as inspiring. 

The city is rife with dead llamas because the local community shows gratitude to Mother Nature by offering dead animals under the land. Shocking? Told you! But not all traditions are that peculiar; Cholitas is an empowering cultural activity for women. It’s a wrestling event in which women beat their male counterparts to protest against domestic abuse. Maybe not the most civil way of empowering women, but it’s a way nonetheless, which gives women agency. 

As you travel by bus, you are most likely to be reminded of Eiffel Tower, because the main bus station of the city was designed by the same architect, Gustav Eiffel. And to amuse local children, zebras play the traffic police. Not actual zebras, but people dressed up in costumes.

La Paz Bolivia Map

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7. Naha, Japan

The birthplace of Karate! But it is more than that.

Carrying the historical traces of American rule in Japan, Naha stands as the capital of Okinawa Islands.

Japanese history and traditions glisten in Naha. Try your hand at the city’s famous tie-dye activity or dress up in the beautiful Okinawan Kimono and feel like a native.

Experience the engrossing history of Okinawa at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum of Arts. Gorge up on fresh fruits from the Makishi Public Market, or spoil the antiquary in you by visiting the Tsuboya Center.

Choose the serendipity of Naha over the hustle bustle of Tokyo.

Naha Okinawa Japan Map

8. Florence, Italy

Renaissance lives in Florence.

Housing the architectural treasures by artists such Michelangelo, this city has a plethora of stories to tell.

Travel to Florence and discover Cathedrals, Piazzas, and Basilicas standing tall in the region. The marble Facade by Ghiberti presents just another marvel of artistic talent that overflows in this city.

Learn the power dynamics that existed in Italy’s political history at every nook and canny of the city.

When history gets too much, enjoy the panoramic view on the Terrace above the city and just lose yourself in its serenity.

Florence Italy Map

9. Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is more than just resorts!

Embark on the hair pin drive in Mallorca and take in the mesmerizing view around yourself.

Beaches and quiet streets occupy this island of the Balearic archipelago.

Small villages on the Island bear slow-paced life with quaint restaurants and cozy villas.

Famous for its natural beauty and quietude, you will find the most beautiful beaches with cristal clear water everywhere in this islands. Which makes it a must visit travel destination in 2020 for beaches lovers.

Feast on the local delicacies to fully experience the culture and life in Mallorca.

Mallorca Spain Map
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10. Oia, Greece

White washed buildings and sinuous staircases crowd Oia.

A peaceful town away from the chaos of life lets you soak in the beauty of nature.

Watch the most romantic sunset of your life in Oia, and witness the waning sunlight juxtaposed with the shadows cast on white buildings that will make you believe in fairy tales. 

Byzantine castle ruins and maritime museums exhibit the city’s historical remains; while volcanic depressions showcase the leavings of the nature.

Spend your time on the soothing bay of Amoudi or by the recreational beaches of the town.

Oia Greece Map

11. Tahiti, French Polynesia

The novel island of Tahiti is a natural wonder! And it is amusingly shaped like the figure 8.

Alluring black beaches to sultry waterfalls and lagoons hold the power to take you to a fantastical land. The largest island of French Polynesia.

Soaring mountains add the mighty touch of reality to an otherwise apparently magical dream. 

Holding on to the Polynesian past, the museums in Tahiti takes you back in time and let you witness this history for yourself.

Monopolized by the city is the only pearl museum of the world where you get to behold exquisite pearls from all around the world.

Get enchanted by Tahiti on your next travel.

Tahiti French Polynesia Map

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12. Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Exotic tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, roses, carnations, and irises seduce bees and humans alike in Keukenhof.

Known as the Garden of Europe, it is situated in the town of Lisse near the south of Amsterdam. 

Translated to Kitchen garden, Keukokenhof grows 7 million flowers each year.

The garden opens its doors for just 8 weeks to mesmerize the eyes of every captivated individual. 

Make sure to witness the glory and regality of a massive bunch of flowers in Keukenhof in 2020.

Keukenhof The Netherlands Map

13. Istanbul, Turkey

A fascinating conjunction between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is home to gorgeous architecture and history.

Formerly known as Byzantine, Constantinople, and New Rome, this city has a unique and interesting history. 

Istanbul is the most populous and vibrant city in Turkey.

Housing glorious domes and minarets, this city gives you the flavor of boisterous metropolitan life and the spirituality of tranquil spaces.

Explore this perfect travel destination and fall in love with it.

Istanbul Turkey Map

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14. Hobbiton, New Zealand

If you ever want to live in The Shire, visit Hobbiton situated in the heart of New Zealand.

A farm surrounded by lush green plains which has been used for famous films franchises of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The movie buff in you needs to see this farm!

Particularly reminiscent of the ending of The Hobbit, a quaint inn, Dragon Inn, offers a cozy place for travelers. 

Go deep into Tolkien’s world in Hobbiton.

Hobbiton Matamata New Zealand Map

15. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The pearl of Bosnia & Herzegovina was destroyed during the Balkan conflict. But the city is thriving again and is a perfect location for vacations.

Fraught with unique structures and natural sites, Mostar charms every soul.

From the eccentric bridge of Mostar to the beautiful Koski Pasha Mosque, this city has landed on the map as a desirable tourist spot.

Magnificent waterfalls are sprawled throughout Mostar that emanate cool breezes.

Get your mind away from the monotony of daily life and visit Mostar.

Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Map

16. Strasbourg & Colmar, France

Be enchanted by the capital of Christmas, Strasbourg, and its younger sister Colmar!

Secluded, livable, and worth visiting, this hidden region of France is every romantic’s dream.

Strasbourg is a slow paced city filled with flowers.

It has trains for easy commute, yet reminds you of nature as every corner of the city is adorned with flowers.

Strolls in silence on broad walkways under the sky will give a filmy touch to your getaway.

Colmar is like Strasbourg, yet it is different.

Flowers sprout in every nook and cranny of the city and the captivating smell of baking wafts from every bakery in the area.

Canals sprinkle a touch of Venice to the breathtaking town.

Discover the poet in you after seeing the fabulous sights in Strasbourg and Colmar.

Strasbourg France Map

17. Hoi An, Vietnam

Resting on Vietnam’s central coast, Hoi An meanders around canals with houses and places strewn as rocks by a riverbank.

The Ancient Town also lives in Hoi An. It holds the secrets of Vietnam’s history that is showcased through the old Chinese shops and French colonial buildings.

One of the most iconic wonders of Hoi An is the Japanese covered monumental bridge. It’s a 400 year old bridge that is covered with a Japanese pagoda roof and is painted pink. 

The narrow houses in Hoi An reflect the typical tube housing style of Vietnam.

Visit Hoi An and be mystified.

Hoi An Vietnam Map

18. Marrakesh, Morocco

The Mecca of Medieval glory!

The economic hub of Morocco is brimming with mosques, palaces, and gardens.

Congested yet beaming with life, Marrakesh carries remnants of Morocco’s ancient history. 

Confusing alleyways and blooming markets fill up the city.

Morocco is famous for its pastel colored tiles and walls, and windows that perfectly encapsulate Moroccan minimalism – and make for extremely Instagrammable spots!

The marvel of Islamic architecture, Koutoubia Mosque also stands in the city.

Go back in time by visiting Marrakesh.

Marrakesh Morocco Map

19. Zanzibar, Tanzania

An unpopular Tanzanian archipelago that holds a multitude of 19th century history.

The ancient trade town, Stone Town, populates the lands of Zanzibar. 

Zanzibar carries old landmarks that tell unsaid stories for the curious minds.

Palaces and villages inhibit the place, and Maldives peeks through the beaches lined with hotels and villas. 

Recharge your batteries in Tanzania.

Zanzibar Tanzania Map

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20. Reykjavik, Iceland

A heavenly aura envelopes Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland.

Situated on the coast of Iceland, the largest city of the country showcases Iceland’s Viking history in National and Saga museums.  

The sturdy Hallgrimskirkja Church and Perlan glass dome provide spectacular views of the sea that can instantly sweep you off your feet.  

Spas and villages will lure every stillness-seeking soul.  

Reykjavik is like a small paradise on Earth.

Reykjavik Iceland Map

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