Best Travel Destinations 2020


Discover our selection of the top travel destinations and the best experiences around the world for the year 2020

The mere thought of travel may have you planning your next vacation while sitting at your desk at work or laying on your sofa with your loved one.

From thinking about which places to visit to what outfits to pack, traveling brings a lot of anticipation and planning with it. Making up fantasies and imagining poetic scenarios is all a part of feeling the true spirit of traveling. 

But understandably, the giddy feeling when you actually step on a plane is electrifying. When the plane starts whirring and the wings get in position to take you away into the clouds, that’s when the real adventure begins. The excitement of exploring a new place, the anxiety of meeting new people, the thrill of getting lost in a sea of strangers, and the attraction of trying local cuisine takes over every fiber of your being.

Traveling is not just about the destination, it’s about the move, the rush. But the delight one feels in picking out a place to visit is also matchless. Let’s chalk out list countries for you to visit in 2020 to get the adrenaline pumping. 

Here is our first part of the best travel destinations for 2020:  the top 20 countries to visit in 2020.

1. Indonesia

The best destination to visit in 2020 is without a doubt Indonesia, and here’s why.

Cultural diversity thrives in Indonesia.

The breathtaking archipelago lies off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific oceans. It breeds wildlife in its vast natural plains. Ranging from gigantic elephants to goofy orangutans and majestic tigers, Indonesia shelters them all.

Mesmerizing beaches and lush vegetation inhabit the islands of Indonesia. Experience the quirks of living in the wilderness and discover nature within yourself.

Indonesia World Map

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2. Japan

Japan, along with Indonesia, is in our top travel destinations in 2020.

An epic concoction of disparate elements worth witnessing!

Ancient values marry modernity in Japan. The culturally rich streets of Japan tell tales of its gripping history. While in the peripheries of bustling cities rest the hypnotizing charm of nature.

Imperial palaces, natural parks, shrines, skyscrapers, waterfalls, and temples are strewn all across the island of Japan.

Japan World Map

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3. Costa Rica

The mysterious Costa Rica wins the third best travel destination you should visit in 2020.

Rainforests stretch across Costa Rica like an embossed blanket of greenery. The precipitous terrains of Costa Rica offer a never-ending range of beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity.

Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is known as the Switzerland of the Americas, for its neutral standing during international conflicts. The pro-peace country is the ultimate destination for surfers.

Costa Rica also nurtures the cultural enigmas of Pre-Columbian gold. While the natural realm of the land look after the diverse wild life.

Allow Costa Rica to show you the surreal elegance of nature.

Costa Rica World Map

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4. Tunisia

The hub of Islamic history with traces of Roman ruins!

In the Maghreb of North Africa rests the versatile land of Tunisia.

Guarding the archeological exhibits of Roman mosaics and Islamic art, Tunisia lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert.

Attracting travelers from all over the world with its buzzing bazaars, this piece of land is brimming with beaches, deserts, and natural parks.

Visit Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, Djerba, Gabes, Tataouine, and many other fabulous cities in this country, and let the spellbinding beauty of Tunisia take over your senses.

Tunisia World Map

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5. Bolivia

Natural oddities and masterpieces converge in the land of Bolivia.

The Central American country holds rugged mountains and cliffs. Home to Mt. Andes, Atcama desert and Amazon Basin, Bolivia is a less frequented piece of land.

It offers salt plateaus, gorgeous landscapes, and magical beaches. Hair-clipped routes for you to traverse across and stupefying lakes to leave you awestruck exist in the terrain of Bolivia.

Explore the bewitching beauty of Bolivia.

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6. The Netherlands

“The people here claim that if you stand on a chair, you can see all of their country” – Rick Steve

Life blooms in the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Humans and plants breathe in this place without inhibition. Limitless tulip fields and flat landscape canals populate The Netherlands. It is especially a treat for cyclists because of its miles long narrow trails of soft land to glide on.

The Netherlands also shelters the treasured art pieces of notable artists, such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt. And it was also home to Anne Frank’s refuge during World War II.

The Netherlands World Map

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7. New Zealand

Sanctuary for a recluse!

The Land of the White Cloud is rife with picturesque sceneries and pristine cities in a world away from the world. Volcanoes, glaciations, botanical gardens and geysers are sprawled all across the island.

Home to the backdrop of The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand gives you a chance to experience the world of Frodo. It also offers adventure sports for the adventurist in you to truly enjoy the essence of holidays.

Movie buffs, nature lovers and explorers are all drawn towards New Zealand.

New Zealand World Map

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8. Bhutan

Spiritual, mystical and consuming!

The serene Buddhist Kingdom on the Himalayan edge is paradise for peace-seeking souls. Fraught with mighty mountains and enthralling valleys, Bhutan promises a transcendental experience for the inner self.

Dramatic landscapes housing monasteries and fortresses that take you away from the tumultuous world to an ambrosial retreat.

Bhutan is a sparsely populated piece of land for travelers to have spiritually refreshing experiences.

Bhutan World Map

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9. Swaziland (Eswatini)

Contained between lands is the land of Eswatini.

The land locked kingdom of Swaziland overflows with nature. Wildlife reserves, natural parks, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries crowd this monarchy.

Elephants, deer, and lions roam free in the natural parks of Swaziland. The dry birthing soils of Swaziland absorb the still sun of Africa and mother the animal kingdom. It is home to the big 5 game parks in the world, that allow you to witness the greatness of wildlife.

Sun, soils and safari await you in Swaziland.

Swaziland Eswatini World Map

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10. Turkey

The knot that ties Eastern Europe and Western Asia together is Turkey.

The land that carries the traces of Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman dynasties enveloped in the hustle bustle of life. House to the monumental Hagia Sophia and Blue Moque, Turkey is romantic, picturesque and enthralling.

Fair chimneys, thermal spa terraces, beaches, historical ruins and swarming souks make Turkey a desirable travel destination.

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11. Ireland

Streaks of pink hues color the sky of Ireland to announce the arrival and departure of the Sun.

Known for its captivating sunsets, Ireland also promises venues for fun-filled road trips. Apart from long stretches of road for you to trundle on, the Emerald Isle offers enthralling beaches with rugged borders. Surf, stroll, or bathe in the bright sun at the breathtaking beaches.

Ireland is the immaculate mix of friendly people, high-quality beer, music, rolling pastures, wandering livestock and unforgettable sceneries.

Ireland World Map

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12. Bosnia & Herzegovina

The neglected European spot that has a lot to show!

The Balkan country is populated by craggy cliffs, romantic rivers, and sultry landscapes. It preserves the trails of the horrific human history, like the assassination site of Archeduke Franz Ferdinand.

Mind numbing ancient artifacts of wars, anarchies and monarchies haunt the alleys and chateaus of B&H. It also hoards medieval villages and captivating countryside.

Blow your mind with the secrets of the human past.

Bosnia and Herzegovina World Map
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13. Spain

Colors and passion engulf every corner of Spain.

The Iberian kingdom houses cultural and geographical diversity. People from various backgrounds populate this land and add to the culturally rich air of Spain. Carrying the remnants of Roman history, Spain holds on to Roman architecture; from aqueducts to churches and castles, almost every structural masterpiece in Spain is reminiscent of Romanian art.

Artistic gems of celebrated artists breathe in the grand museums of Spain. The famous monuments by Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, also reside in Spain.

It’s also a treat for football fanatics as Spain is home to several football grounds and famous football clubs.

Spain World Map

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14. Morocco

A vast blanket of flatland teeming with towns is what Morocco looks like.

The North African city connects the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and contains rich cultural treasures. Morocco is the hub of Islamic architecture and souks. From medieval castles to blue-washed buildings, Morocco houses it all.

The gorgeous city is colored with Arabian, Berber, and European cultural influences. Local delicacies in Morocco are aromatic and are offered at every nook and cranny of the country.

From sandy buildings to sophisticated towns, Morocco gives you tradition and modernity together.

Morocco World Map

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15. France

A world of art, exotic cuisines, fashion, nature and history bludgeons in France.

Bask in the fading glory of medieval cities in the Hexagonal country. Filled with alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches, France lights up with the splendor of natural and man-made beauty. Famous for the iconic Eiffel Tower, it also offers captivating art in its magnificent museums.

France is also home to luxury fashion houses and quaint cafes. The magical combination of silky cheese and exquisite wine is a loadstone of France.

Home to the city of love, France also retains historical monuments that testify for its eventful history.

France World Map

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16. Nepal

The keeper of Mount Everest that’s the ultimate destination for hikers lies between India and Tibet.

Rife with Hindu and Buddhist shrines, Nepal is also the bearer of scenic landscapes. Numerous shades of blue of the sky create a halo around the soaring mountains of Nepal. Colorful towns are surrounded by boundless nature in the land of Nepal.

Charming valleys, lakes and waterfalls spurt out the craggy mountains in the South Asian country.

The beauty in Nepal never seems to end.

Nepal World Map

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17. Switzerland

Sophisticated, serene and surreal!

The alluring country crowded with natural wonders is nothing short of a paradise. Bearing the soaring Alps and limitless grasslands, the Helvetica also holds some historical monuments. The 13th century Zytglogge clock tower and Lucerne Chapel bridge rest in the all encompassing natural beauty of Switzerland.

Fluffy clouds of white cotton float around the Swiss sky, caressing the high mountainous peaks. It’s also famous for adventurous ski resorts and hiking trails for adventure seeking individuals.

Abode of the globally famous decadent Swiss chocolates and elegant watches, Switzerland is a sanctuary for travelers.

Switzerland World Map

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18. Greece

Convoluted alleyways and staircases weave through the towns of Greece.

The ultramarine blue of Greek beaches and skies swallows up Greece, enrapturing every set of eyes that ever lays sight on it.

Black sand beaches and white washed buildings sprawl all over Greece. The country of thousand islands also cradles the historical landmarks such as Acropolis Citadel with the Parthenon Temple.

It’s called the cradle of western civilization because of its riveting past.

Apart from scenic views and quaint towns, Greece is also a place to party. Mykonos in the country offers electrifying party resorts for clubbers.

Greece World Map

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19. Vietnam

Shades of turquoise, teal and deep blue bestrew the expanse of Vietnam.

The deep blue sky littered with fluffy clouds covers the turquoise waters of Vietnam. It’s famous for its enthralling beaches and Buddhist temples.

Vietnam also retains French colonial landmarks that attest to its historical legacy. War history museums in the country showcase the traces of wars and destruction. Serene Beaches populate the land and tie shore with the sea.

The ever-existing ambience of blue color is broken by the lush bright green rice paddies. The sun shines brightly over the dense grasslands where natives harvest rice crops wearing hay thatched hats.

A culturally rich South Asian land with nature, rituals and welcoming residents is the most accurate description of Vietnam.

Vietnam World Map

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20. Liberia

Frenzied and frenetic yet urbane!

The land of Liberia is the picture of simple life with rich culture and history. Brandishing the remains of coups, civil wars, and political unrest, Liberia takes pride in its past and present.

Uneven town buildings meander the lakes in Liberia. Lush rainforests and palm-lined beaches stretch across the land with cities peeking from every corner.

Fascinating historical remains and swarming life with snippets of nature form the package of Liberia.

Liberia World Map
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